Happy Easter 2014!

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Happy Easter 2014!


Thank you Marri for your nice picture! ;)



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Urban Terror 4.2 servers

Urban Terror 4.1 server


Happy New 2014 =KRH=

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Dear Players and Visitors!


The year 2014 has come, time sort the news of the close past & present.

We received some donations again, hereby I would like to say thank you in the name of our community to: PiPi/Ama, zvezdicazaspanka, V!0. (From PiPi/Ama got very big, very special and very tasty as well!)

We had several clan events, some of them in the chat area of RHD – the cool webradio, thanks to Empireplexx. The other nice new action from Empireplexx was the creation of the very first =KRH= Fun Site!

Over the whole year (as before) we could watch the nice design works from Marri – on the website and everywhere else.

In the last time thanks to Cl1cl1c and Bazinga we have finally managed clan events and we have a chance to take part in a CTF Tournament!

And we can’t forget the help of the hard-working cheater catchers and demo viewers: Cthulhu, mini_killer, PiPi, Cl1cl1c, Milan… and many others, sorry if I forgot to mention anyone!

Thank you for your great work & many-many help and wish you all a healthy, lucky and pleasant New Year in 2014!



Special advertising offer for Donation senders

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Special offer for Donation senders!

Since we released some maps, and we still plan to release more, we have the following special offer for former Donation senders, and new Donation senders: if you send me a picture (good quality is suggested), then I can put it on the next maps.
The offer is because you help(ed) us, so we can help you back, maybe you have an own venture (enterprise) and would like to advertise it.

Donations are possible via Paypal or money transfer, I still didn't find international solution to donate by SMS or phone call. We plan to replace in this year our virtual hoster machine.

You can contact me on the following address:

Second special possibility for donation: there is the chance to order =KRH= fan mug. The artwork is the nice work of =KRH=Marri, thank you again!
Before releasing the price, we have to know how many pieces could be ordered. If you would like to have one, please let me know!

Beautiful =KRH= mug - order now!

Thank You and Happy New Year!



Clan [KzH] all weapon 1vs1 TS Tournament in 2013

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Dear =KRH= Members and Players!

We would like to proudly announce that our friendly clan [KzH] prepared a tournament - It will be an all weapon 1vs1 TS Tournament.
This Tournament is in September 2013 and you can read the details and basic rules when you CLICK HERE!
Everyone is allowed to join, more players -> more fun!

CLICK HERE if you would like to participate and register yourself, then you can do it with starting a New Topic with your name in the subject field (as you can see it there).
Registration is closed on the 20. August!

Have fun and win it!


Clan =KRH= fights against cheaters with shared banlists!

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Clan =KRH= continuosly works on it that our players can play with other fair players on our cheater free servers.

And we are ready to help in this all other server owners/admins with sharing our banlist. Please note, our permbans are all reliable, we permban only cheaters and always have evidence demo, what is shared and discussed in our Fourm. You can access our public banlist directly here:

An automatic update and share of banlists among clans is possible with the easy banlist plugin, you can download it from here. If you already use it, you can add the following lines to your banlist.xml to use ours (this is for Linux):

    <message>^4$name^7 is ^1BANNED^7 on a ^5[KRH] ^1server!!!</message>

If you are new with this plugin, then I can share you a complete, working and configured banlist.xml file, you can download it from here. After the download you have to edit it for your own.

Thanks the help for Serge from Cats and Dogs clan, respect.




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Dear =KRH= members and players! Please don't forget to join the clan radio event on this Saturday 27.7.2013 between 20:15 and 23:00.

Join us and post your music request in the chat and listen to your favorites! ;)

If the party will be popular, we can repeat it later, so please come!
If you need some help about the website, chat or registration, you can post here for your request.

CU there!

UPDATE 02.08.2013!

I would like to thank for all who joined the =KRH= mega party, and special thanks to the RHD stuff. Thank you very much! 


Clan =KRH= and clan [KzH] are different clans!

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If you are looking for the website and Forum of clan [KzH] - hoster of the ZOMBIE, SR8 only and Mission Impossible MODded servers, then visit please the following website:

Please don't post into the =KRH= Fourm [KzH] related posts (for example unban requests, etc). You can find the [KzH] Forum HERE.




Donation request for server upgrade

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Dear Players!

I would like to anounce you all the happy news, that our valued player Horsty sent us a significant donation again: 100 Euros, so I can't by-pass a server upgrade anymore! XD
If you ever considered to donate our work and efforts, it is a great opportunity now, because a new server costs a lot. As you can see, you will not waste your money when donating! (BTW Thank you very much Horsty!!!)
Our clan was founded in 2009 and since then we worked a lot that you can have fun our servers.
All the technical details you can find on the following link (drives you to a Forum topcic), where you can find more information about the plans and/or you can share your thoughts or questions and you can help us designing the server configuration if you are expert (in hardware, virtualisation with VMWare ESXi, Ubuntu, CentOS, etc).
Donations are possible via Paypal or bank transfer, more possibilities are under investigation to implement.



We thank You very much!


Link with more information: CLICK HERE

Thank you for your attention!

Server Owner

UPDATE 02.08.2013!

I would like to thank for all who donated our server upgrade: Utisevalec, zvezdicazaspanka, SMG. Thank you very much!



Website-Update finished

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Dear Members,

"We are running into a downtime of approximately 48hrs beginning Wednesday, March 20th,  00:01 (CET)."

"If everything works well, we will be back online at least on friday."

This is, what we have announced to you.


And this is the recent information to you:

- Update completed
- No loss of data on homepage
- No loss of data in Forum
- Website updated
- Forum updated
- Design updated
- New Serverlist implemented
- Member-squad implemented

- Some changes are still in progress, so please don't be angry, if there is a menu-item missing or if there is a server missing in menu-list or if Squad is not completed yet

Have fun experiencing the "new" =KRH=website

Oh, and before I'll forget: If you find any errors or bugs, please report them in Forum

Thank you all for your patience.


=KRH=LammeSnail                 =KRH=evil-Terror
(Server-Owner)                        (Senior Admin)


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