Special offer for Donation senders!

Since we released some maps, and we still plan to release more, we have the following special offer for former Donation senders, and new Donation senders: if you send me a picture (good quality is suggested), then I can put it on the next maps.
The offer is because you help(ed) us, so we can help you back, maybe you have an own venture (enterprise) and would like to advertise it.

Donations are possible via Paypal or money transfer, I still didn't find international solution to donate by SMS or phone call. We plan to replace in this year our virtual hoster machine.

You can contact me on the following address:

Second special possibility for donation: there is the chance to order =KRH= fan mug. The artwork is the nice work of =KRH=Marri, thank you again!
Before releasing the price, we have to know how many pieces could be ordered. If you would like to have one, please let me know!

Beautiful =KRH= mug - order now!

Thank You and Happy New Year!