Thursday, July 16, 2020

Special offer for Donation senders!

Since we released some maps, and we still plan to release more, we have the following special offer for former Donation senders, and new Donation senders: if you send me a picture (good quality is suggested), then I can put it on the next maps.
The offer is because you help(ed) us, so we can help you back, maybe you have an own venture (enterprise) and would like to advertise it.

Donations are possible via Paypal or money transfer, I still didn't find international solution to donate by SMS or phone call. We plan to replace in this year our virtual hoster machine.

You can contact me on the following address:

Second special possibility for donation: there is the chance to order =KRH= fan mug. The artwork is the nice work of =KRH=Marri, thank you again!
Before releasing the price, we have to know how many pieces could be ordered. If you would like to have one, please let me know!

Beautiful =KRH= mug - order now!

Thank You and Happy New Year!



olgasergonova - Wed 15 Jul - 01:13

Hey! Really stoked to see some action on KRH Classic again! :D Really stoked to see the bots back as well, they really get things going!Hope to see ya’ll in battle soon ;)

Cthulhu - Tue 16 Jun - 22:54

Happy b-day Pip ! ;)

Eberhard - Tue 16 Jun - 17:13

whats going on? is there anybody out here? :S

Eberhard - Tue 16 Jun - 17:11

Hello everyone :D

olgasergonova - Sat 6 Jun - 19:55

Hey! I’m trying to make a new topic in the forum but it won’t let me post, saying ”incorrect captcha”. But there is no captcha loading, only a blank space by ”enter code here”. What should I do?

controlleRus - Sun 17 May - 01:56

Thank Cthulhu,say hi from me Ama:)

Cthulhu - Sat 16 May - 22:36

Happy B-day Contro !

controlleRus - Sat 16 May - 14:12

Thank you Snail Joanna T888 :)

LammeSnail - Fri 15 May - 15:55

Happy Birthday Cont! :)

Joanna - Fri 15 May - 13:43

Happy Birthday Controller !!!!!!!!!!

T-888 - Fri 15 May - 11:05

And what happens when i press here...Kaboomm!!!!Ohhh now i get it,that's why on all this equipment is a little note"THIS SIDE TOWARDS ENEMY"

T-888 - Fri 15 May - 11:03

Where is that fire button?Trrrrr Trrrrrr good kill! good kill!

T-888 - Fri 15 May - 11:02

Happy birthday Controller? :@

T-888 - Thu 14 May - 12:28

See what you've done? You bring urge to terminate again... :P

T-888 - Thu 14 May - 12:26

!!! FIRE !!!

T-888 - Thu 14 May - 12:26

Dont tempt me zaspanka,i just took my meds...

zvezdicazaspanka - Thu 30 Apr - 14:47

anyone for an evening KRH kill? is 4.3 up?

zvezdicazaspanka - Thu 30 Apr - 14:47

wtf??? longer posts not posting...

zvezdicazaspanka - Thu 30 Apr - 14:44


Joanna - Tue 28 Apr - 13:11

Happy Birthday Sierra !!!!!!!

T-888 - Mon 27 Apr - 12:14

Happy Birthday Sierra & Wazza !!!Although i don't really remember playing with you,but i logged in today and saw it's your birthday so it doesn't hurt to to give you best wishes... :P

controlleRus - Mon 27 Apr - 01:07

Happy Birthday Sierra :D

sierra - Sat 25 Apr - 22:22

hi my friends, any senior admins around?2 members of my family, husband and wife banned probably from the ip issue. Their nicks are roadrunner and cubukkkraker. would you pls help us :)thnx

sierra - Tue 14 Apr - 22:38

Hi everybody, nice to see all old friends.Pls take care, use daily multivitamins plus C and also when ur outside do not put off your mask although ur alone. See you in classic4.3 :)

Marri - Mon 13 Apr - 19:25

Hi! And Happy Easter to everyone! With best regards to all! :)

Cthulhu - Sat 4 Apr - 23:04

@Sierra : plz reconnect to Classic43 and check your status, should be fixed now

olgasergonova - Sat 4 Apr - 21:46

Hiya everyone! Remember me from all these years ago? Been having a blast doing a comeback and joining in these past days. Hope ya’ll are staying safe and having fun playing :)

LammeSnail - Tue 31 Mar - 20:36

Privet, selam, salut everyone! :) I got your email Cont and going to fix this! ;) Welcome back Sierra and Clic! :p

cliclic - Mon 30 Mar - 19:16

Hello Contro :) Hello All :D

controlleRus - Mon 30 Mar - 16:30

Hello cliclic wb :)

sierra - Sun 29 Mar - 21:14

hi again after all these years :) I lost my admin rights after the new pc. Would any admin please help. take care all cu

controlleRus - Tue 24 Mar - 22:27

Snail check Email pls

controlleRus - Tue 24 Mar - 21:48

Snail you also good health :)

LammeSnail - Tue 24 Mar - 17:52

I wish everyone good health! Stay home and play a lot ;)

controlleRus - Thu 20 Feb - 14:33

Happy Birthday Pens mate xD

Joanna - Thu 20 Feb - 14:01

Happy Birthday Pensioner enjoy your day the best as u can kisses and hug

idefix - Fri 31 Jan - 19:52

totally ok Lamme :D

LammeSnail - Fri 31 Jan - 17:35

Ohh true, I got your email but I struggle with a mass of emails to this address and hard to find the valuable content, ok sry guys I check them

T-888 - Wed 29 Jan - 12:33

Don't ban be for this! lol

T-888 - Wed 29 Jan - 12:30

Same here,i also send him private message,long time ago,but Snail always reply'ing with some delay.Looks like there is a reason of a snail word in his nick :P

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