Clan =KRH= fights against cheaters with shared banlists!

Clan =KRH= continuosly works on it that our players can play with other fair players on our cheater free servers.

And we are ready to help in this all other server owners/admins with sharing our banlist. Please note, our permbans are all reliable, we permban only cheaters and always have evidence demo, what is shared and discussed in our Fourm. You can access our public banlist directly here:

An automatic update and share of banlists among clans is possible with the easy banlist plugin, you can download it from here. If you already use it, you can add the following lines to your banlist.xml to use ours (this is for Linux):

    <message>^4$name^7 is ^1BANNED^7 on a ^5[KRH] ^1server!!!</message>

If you are new with this plugin, then I can share you a complete, working and configured banlist.xml file, you can download it from here. After the download you have to edit it for your own.

Thanks the help for Serge from Cats and Dogs clan, respect.