Donation request for server upgrade

Dear Players!

I would like to anounce you all the happy news, that our valued player Horsty sent us a significant donation again: 100 Euros, so I can't by-pass a server upgrade anymore! XD
If you ever considered to donate our work and efforts, it is a great opportunity now, because a new server costs a lot. As you can see, you will not waste your money when donating! (BTW Thank you very much Horsty!!!)
Our clan was founded in 2009 and since then we worked a lot that you can have fun our servers.
All the technical details you can find on the following link (drives you to a Forum topcic), where you can find more information about the plans and/or you can share your thoughts or questions and you can help us designing the server configuration if you are expert (in hardware, virtualisation with VMWare ESXi, Ubuntu, CentOS, etc).
Donations are possible via Paypal or bank transfer, more possibilities are under investigation to implement.



We thank You very much!


Link with more information: CLICK HERE

Thank you for your attention!

Server Owner

UPDATE 02.08.2013!

I would like to thank for all who donated our server upgrade: Utisevalec, zvezdicazaspanka, SMG. Thank you very much!